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Australian High Commission Processing Time Update

Australian High Commission Processing Time Update

Published at: 2019-03-07

Please be advised that the Australian High Commission's processing time is approximately 45 days from the date of biometric submission at the TLS application Centre.

The Australian High Commission strongly suggests that tickets should not be confirmed or purchased prior to visa approval.

All applicants must submit their biometrics at the TLS application centre within 10 days of the completion of the online application process. Incomplete applications will delay the online application process.

Thank you.

UK Visa Applications

UK Visa Applications

Published at: 2019-03-06

a.) UK Visa Processing:
When applying for a UK visa application MDS VisaPak will require all documents as per checklist and fully completed application form in order to assist with the UK application process and scheduling of appointments. All documents can be emailed to us and will be uploaded to the UK application site prior to the appointment for processing.
*The new system is in test phase until 27 March 2019

b.) UK Visas and Immigration is set to begin the main implementation process of its new online application service, Access UK, later this year.

The new platform replaces the Visa4UK website, which will be discontinued once the transition is complete, and aims to improve the customer experience with new technology and the digitisation of its services.
Digitisation will enable UK Visas and Immigration to make decisions on visa applications using digitally scanned copies of required documentation, rather than waiting for physical versions to arrive in the decision-making hub.
The main phase will also see the roll-out of technology that will allow customers to self-scan their biometrics when attending their visa application centre appointment, providing a quicker, smoother experience.
Some of the other enhancements will allow customers to book their visa application centre appointment, scan and upload their supporting documentation from home, and purchase any additional services that are intended to enhance their experience, in one continuous journey.

Customers can continue to upload documents to support their application up until the day of their appointment, MDS VisaPak will do this on their behalf. This development means that the majority of customers no longer have to submit their original documentation, though customers will still need to provide their passport in order for a vignette to be placed, should they be granted a visa.
Applicants also have the option of scanning their documents at the visa application centre for a fee, additional fees will be applicable.

Dubai & Abu Dhabi Applications

Dubai & Abu Dhabi Applications

Published at: 2019-02-22

Please be advised that, in addition to all regular visa requirements, the following passport holders must include a copy of their smart I.D with the chip when applying for visas to Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Above is an example of the smart I.D card that is required:

Cameroon HC - PTA

Cameroon HC - PTA

Published at: 2019-02-19

Please take note that The Cameroon High Commission in Pretoria have advised that any Visa applications and other administrative documents shall be received exclusively on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS from 09:30-12:00.

Egyptian Embassy - PTA

Egyptian Embassy - PTA

Published at: 2019-02-19

All applicants to submit a certified copy of the biometric page of the passport as part of their application pack.

Please be advised that, as of 5 February 2019, the processing time for Business and Tourist visas will be strictly 21 working days.

Japanese Embassy Holidays

Japanese Embassy Holidays

Published at: 2019-02-19

Please take note that the Embassy of Japan in Pretoria and the Office of Consul of Japan in Cape Town will be closed on the following days this year:

11 Feb (Mon) - National Foundation Day (Japanese Holiday)

21 Mar (Thu) - Human Rights Day

19 Apr (Fri) - Good Friday

22 Apr (Mon) - Family Day

1 May (Wed) - Worker's Day

17 Jun (Mon) - Youth Day (Substitute)

15 Jul (Mon) - Marine Day (Japanese Holiday)

9 Aug (Fri) - Women's Day

16 Sept (Mon) - Respect for the Aged Day (Japanese Holiday)

24 Sept (Tue) - Heritage Day

14 Oct (Mon) - Sport and Health Day (Japanese Holiday)

22 Oct (Tue) - Day of Enthronement Ceremony (Japanese Holiday)

4 Nov (Mon) - Culture Day (Japanese Holiday)

16 Dec (Mon) - Day of Reconciliation

25 Dec (Wed) - Christmas Day

26 Dec (Thu) - Day of Goodwill

30 Dec (Mon) - Year End Holiday (Japanese Holiday)

31 Dec (Tue) - Year End Holiday(Japanese Holiday)

The Japanese Embassy and Consul are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Thank you.

China Visas

China Visas

Published at: 2019-02-19

Please be advised that the Chinese Visa Application Service Center will be closed for the following holidays this year:

4 February 2019 Chinese New Year's Eve

5 February 2019 Chinese New Year

6 February 2019 Chinese New Year

21 March 2019 Human Rights Day

5 April 2019 Qing Ming Festival

19 April 2019 Good Friday

22 April 2019 Family Day

27 April 2019 Freedom Day

1 May 2019 Workers Day

7 June 2019 Duan Wu Festival

16 June 2019 Youth Day

17 June 2019 Public Holiday

9 August 2019 National Womens Day

13 September 2019 Zhong Qiu Festival

24 September 2019 Heritage Day

30 September 2019 Chinese National Day

1 October 2019 Chinese National Day

2 October 2019 Chinese National Day

16 December 2019 Day of Reconciliation

25 December 2019 Christmas Day

26 December 2019 Day of Goodwill